Interesting news this morning:  andrew mccabe, one of the deep-staters involved in the 2016 investigation – the one who was fired last year for, among other things, lying to federal investigators, then instituted a wrongful termination suit against the Trump administration – has suddenly dropped that lawsuit.

This comes within two days of John Durham’s inquiry into the 2016 election actions McCabe allegedly engaged in being elevated to a criminal investigation, and the announcement that Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s investigative findings on the 2016 election are finally about to be made public.

Which of the two made mccabe suddenly back off?  Was it Durham?  Horowitz?  Both?

I’m betting it was Horowitz, since that report is completed and mccabe’s sources might well have given him a heads-up on what it contains about him.

So why did mccabe retreat and surrender?  What did his sources tell him about the Horowitz report findings?

While we, of course, don’t know for sure, the greatest likelihood is that those findings make mccabe’s lawsuit untenable in a court of law.

If that is so, instead of mccabe possibly getting a big lawsuit payoff, he is in a world of legal trouble.

And if McCabe is in a world of trouble you can bet the other players in this ugly scandal are as well.

I count the seconds until the Horowitz report is released.

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