NOTE:  The original version of this blog referred to the “new” Gallup poll….which was true until Gallup just released its even newer version (this blog has June’s data – now we have July’s).  I will be  putting up a separate blog with the “newer” new data as well.)

Ever since the Trump Putin meeting and subsequent press conference, Democrats, and their media cohorts, have been trying to turn this into a wedge issue for the 2018 midterm elections.

As we saw by the Numbers published in a new Reuters/Ipsos poll yesterday, that has not worked.

And now, looking at a Gallup poll, it seems evident why.

Gallup ask a national sampling of respondents what the most important issue facing the country is. Here are the highest ranking issues:

-Poor government (non-specific): 19%

-Immigration/Illegal aliens: 14%

-Race relations/racism: 7%

-Economy in general, health care, lack of respect for each other, unifying the country, guns/gun control,  ethics/moral/religious/family decline: all at 4%

Those are the top nine. Do you see Russia among them?  Neither do I.

But if Russia isn’t among the top 9, where is it anyway?

Here’s your answer:

-Situation with Russia: *%

For the non-researchers in the house, please be advised that “*” means less than one half of 1%.

Looking across all responses, this puts Russia in a tie for 34th place.

Doubt me?  Well I’ve provided the link above. Please use it and review the data yourself.  You’ll see the same thing I see.

Now you know why the Democrats’ Russian strategy is not working.

Any questions?



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