Consider this an update of a blog I put up earlier today, which contained Gallup data through June of this year.

Now the July data are available.

So, does the Russia “issue” fare any better?  Let’s see:

Here are the top eight responses:

July 2018
Immigration 22
Dissatisfaction with government/Poor leadership 19
Race relations/Racism 7
Unifying the country 6
Lack of respect for each other 6
Economy in general 4
Healthcare 3
Ethics/Moral/Religious/Family decline 3

Notice Russia among them?  Nope, you do not.

So where is Russia this time around?

The same place is was in June:  at “*”, which means less than one half of one percent.  Click here, go to page 5, and see for yourself.

The bottom line is that, just as we saw in June, Russia is virtually nonexistent as an issue to the public.

That said, there is little doubt that the number would rise dramatically if the study were conducted this week.  But only because media have done their level best to make it an earth-shaking issue.  You can expect concern about Russia to recede right back to its normal place in the scheme of things relatively quickly.

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