My last blog was a reminder that then-Vice President Joe Biden indisputably/on video did exactly what President Trump is – still without any hard evidence – is being accused of.

So, while we’re on the subject of reminders, here’s another one:  other than an occasional single question here and there (which generates an angry denial and never seems to be followed up with a second question), why are our mainstream media not questioning Joe Biden about that video?

And that goes 100% for Hunter Biden as well.

Other than an embarrassingly kissy-face interview with ABC News’s Amy Robach, media have, en masse, avoided asking Hunter Biden about the no- show, do-nothing, Board of Directors gig at Burisma which he had no qualifications for, but which generated millions of dollars for him.

Or the $1.5 billion dollar deal in China, which stinks just as bad if not worse.

Or whether those “deals” just might have had something to do with the fact that Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States and handing the $$$$$$ to his kid might buy influence?

If we were talking about one or more of the Trump kids – Say, Ivanka, or Eric, or Donald Jr. – do you think media would collectively look the other way?  Not pursue them?  Not be demanding answers?

What, then, does the virtual blackout on any demands that Joe or Hunter Biden explain Burisma and China tell you about how completely compromised our mainstream media are?

The answer:  pretty much everything you need to know about them.

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  • I was asked what the biggest factor in the 2016 election was.
    I answered, The Democrats were so certain of victory, they didn’t bother to cheat like the normally would.

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