It is 25 days after the election.  But – after a close California race was finally called yesterday (in favor of the Republican) – there are still 7 house seats that have not been called.

If they were close races, maybe we could understand.

But among them are four races in New York State in which the Republican is leading by margins ranging from 14% to 23% with almost all the votes counted.

What gives?

Here’s a personal favorite.  In New York’s 24th district, with 92% of the votes counted, Republican incumbent John Katko leads Democrat challenger Dana Balter 57.4% – 38.9%.  That is a difference of 17.5%, with 8% of the vote left to count.  What, exactly, can happen with that 8% to overcome a 17.5% lead?

Another one is New York’s 1st district, where, with 77% of the vote counted, Republican Lee Zeldin leads Democrat challenger Nancy Goroff 61.3% to 38.7%; a margin of 22.6%.  Do they think all of the remaining 23% of the votes are going to Goroff?  And why, after 3 1/2 weeks, are only 77% counted?

Want one more?  In New York’s 11th district, with 85% of the votes counted, Republican challenger Nicole Malliotokis leads Democrat incumbent Max Rose by 57.9% to 42.1%.  That’s a lead of 15.8% with 15% of the vote left to count.  Rose conceded weeks ago.  But there is no official call yet, and I’m still wondering how it is possible for 15% of the votes to remain uncounted.

At what point do our media – not to mention the voters in these districts – demand explanations?


  • Much can happen. The democrats need to know exactly how many votes they need to find to win, then it will be over. Memories of the Al Frankin, “victory”.

    • And let’s not forget Christine Gregoire’s “win” over Dino Rossi in Washington’s 2004 gubernatorial farce.

  • A question for everyone
    If they are able to prove the fraud committed by the Democratic Party, and even though it doesn’t need to be, it is beyond a reasonable doubt [only needs to be a preponderance of the evidence], and the USSC declares Trump victorious, will you defend that decision?
    Even if it means taking up arms against your own countrymen?

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