These are the sub-headlines for Chuck Ross’s latest article at dailycaller.com:

  • Christopher Steele was working on the Trump dossier at the same time he was lobbying DOJ official Bruce Ohr on behalf of a Russian oligarch linked to Putin.
  • Newly revealed emails show Steele thought the U.S. government should grant visas to Deripaska, who had been barred from traveling to the U.S.
  • Steele asked Ohr to “keep an eye” on Deripaska’s visa case.

If you don’t think the above makes Mr. Ross’s article worth reading, it’s a reasonably good bet you’re in the “we’re in too deep to get out” wing of mainstream media.

But if you think this makes the rest of Mr. Ross’s article worth reading, please click here.

Put another way, do you think it would be worthwhile knowing who was colluding with the Russians (I don’t mean “we don’t have anything evidence but let’s see if we can find some or make it seem like we did” collusion, but the real kind)?

Read the article and you just might have your answer.

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