Last night, NBC “News” (that has to be put in quotation marks these days) offered viewers a three minute report on women being subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace.

As noted by Brad Wilmouth, in his article at newsbusters.org, the report mentioned Donald Trump (based on that 12 year old taped conversation which, though vile and piggish, never indicated he forced himself on anyone).  It mentioned Clarence Thomas (who exactly one woman –  made a claim about, which he denied.  There was never any proof offered).

But guess who it didn’t mention.

You got it.  Bill Clinton – whom a series of women over many years, accused of molestation and rape – one of whom (Monica Lewinsky) he lied about on national television and another (Paula Jones) who took him to court and ultimately won an $850,000 settlement, which resulted in Clinton losing his licence to practice law.

See the accusations against Trump (after Clinton’s presidency) and Thomas (before his presidency) were fair game.  But Bill Clinton?  Hillary’s husband?  A saint on earth, not to be sullied with a recitation of facts and history.

That, folks, is the state of “journalism” at NBC these days.  Remember it every time you watch one of their supposed news shows.

And don’t think for one minute that CBS or ABC is any better.  They’re not.

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