Gwyneth Paltrow. Angelina Jolie. Rosanna Arquette. Katharine Kendall.  NOW they’re speaking up?

Who knows how many actresses and, I’m sure, studio employees, Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed? Who knows how many other people they told about it?
I suppose it is good news that so much of Hollywood is suddenly going public about Harvey Weinstein’s rich history of sexual predations, quite possibly including rape. But where were they until now? Where were they during the DECADES that this was going on?
Why were they willing to let this continue? To look the other way? To knowingly jeopardize other actresses and female studio workers he would surely attack?
Because they didn’t want to embarrass a possibly vindictive A-list producer? Maybe lose a good part or two? A big payday?
Some champions of women this bunch is.
What hypocrites.  What frauds.

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