If a Black man is shot by a police officer, however long that Black man’s police record is, whatever he was doing at the time of the shooting and however justified the shooting was, you can bet that black lives matter (blm) and its friends will be in the streets screaming for blood.

But where are they when the Black lives either damaged or snuffed out are in primarily Black neighborhoods and include innocent Blacks – men and women, boys and girls – who did absolutely nothing wrong?  Do you recall any blm marches about that?

With the above in mind, please read this first paragraph from Heather Mac Donald’s dispiriting article for city-journal.com:

An explosion of drive-by shootings erupted on Chicago’s South and West sides this weekend. At least 74 people were shot, and 12 killed, between 3 p.m. on Friday and 6 a.m. on Monday. In one seven-hour stretch, starting around midnight on Saturday, at least 40 people were shot, four fatally, as gunmen targeted a block party, the aftermath of a funeral, and a front porch, reports the Chicago Tribune. Over two and a half hours that morning, 25 people were shot in five multiple-injury shootings, including a 17-year-old who died after being shot in the face. An 11-year-old boy, a 13-year-old boy, and a 14-year-old girl were also hit over the course of the weekend’s bloodbath. Mt. Sinai’s emergency room shut down for several hours due to the overload of bodies; in May, the entire hospital went into lockdown following a virtual riot in its lobby among gangbangers, reported Tribune columnist John Kass.

A large majority of the people shot and killed in Chicago this weekend were Black.  And, if statistics hold, most of the shooters were Black – very often members of street gangs, which the people running Chicago – yes, that very much includes Mayor Rahm Emanuel – either have no idea of how to address…or, worse, do have an idea of how to address, but won’t because of political considerations.

Do these Black lives matter?  They, of course, should.

But I have to ask this question because I have yet to see one march about them, or one set of demands to clean out the gangs which make day-to-day living so dangerous for innocent Black people, by the black lives matter group or any of its pals.

The reality is that, to these people Black lives do NOT matter.  The only Black lives that matter to them are the ones that can be exploited for political purposes.

How sad that so many people have fooled themselves into believing otherwise.

One other point to be made, in the form of a question:  When do our media seek out data on how many of the the shootings/killings in Chicago, and other major cities, are perpetrated by people with legally obtained guns?  By NRA members?

Are they afraid they will find out, and then maybe have to report, that almost none of them are?  That going after legal gun ownership and the NRA has little or nothing to do with stopping these shootings?

What do you think?

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  • Putting on my liberal hat I would have to say, It is their culture and we must respect their culture.
    Instead of gangs think of them as tribes.

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