…this is the way it looks.

First, CNN’s Ana Cabrera puts up a tweet quoting CNN’s Brian Stelter on his opinion about the public impeachment hearings – and former CNN host Soledad O’Brien reacts by attacking Cabrera and Stelter, while tossing in a broadside at the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza (Read the bottom tweet first):

Soledad O’Brien


Why is cnn so stupid about important shit? This is Cillizza-level inanity. Brian should be ashamed of himself. https://twitter.com/anacabrera/status/1193655198897577986 

Ana Cabrera


“From a television perspective, Democrats have to come out strong in that first episode. For the same reason when we’re watching Netflix or listening to a podcast, we only choose to keep listening if we’re interested in episode one.” @brianstelter on upcoming public hearings.

Then Brian Stelter defends himself, and O’Brien fires back:

Brian Stelter


Thank you Soledad. your tweets are always so uplifting. This segment was informed by what a House leadership aide told CNN: “The first hour of a hearing and the first hearing has got to be a blockbuster.” I think that person is right. If you disagree, say so!

Soledad O’Brien


My tweets aren’t intended to be uplifting—they’re intended to be accurate. A house leadership aide might be —um—wrong. Maybe good reporting on the issue will drive people to watch. Because it’s important. It’s not a game show and you should stop treating it as such.

How heartwarming to see that the insults and general opprobrium these folks aim at people to their right (which is a very, very large percentage of the population) will, if their egos are bruised, be aimed at each other as well.

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