Save the environment!  End the despoilment of our natural treasures!  Pull out all the stops, no matter what!  My commitment is unshakab…….what’s that you say? It’s going to cost my constituents money and they’ll blame me for it?  Uh…..never mind.

The statement you just read is, to my knowledge, a fantasy – at least in those exact words. But the sequence of events it describes is not.

From an editorial in yesterday’s New York Post:

“A gas shortage threatens the Long Island region,” bleat six Long Island state senators, all Democrats, in a letter pleading for approval of a pipeline proposed to fix the problem — belatedly admitting that the policies they’ve long favored don’t work for their own constituents.

And, as Senate GOP leader John Flanagan (their fellow Long Islander) notes, all were AWOL when the Williams pipeline was up for consideration by the state Department of Environmental Conservation — which recently issued a pseudo-scientific veto of the project.

The “lack of a reliable future natural-gas supply has the potential to upend the lives . . . halt economic development, and adversely result in the use of dirtier forms of energy,” the Democrats write
in begging for “emergency” approval of the pipeline.

Of course it does. But the Long Island Six, like most New York Democratic electeds, have long pretended otherwise.

But now Winter Is Coming. The Democratic county executives of Nassau and Suffolk have belatedly called for the pipeline to go through, and joined the business community in pleading for support of the six senators.

But just this one. “This is the last gas pipeline that will merit your review as our state transitions to a renewable-energy economy,” they write. Guess any other part of New York (like Westchester) that faces similar issues is just plumb out of luck.

What a pathetic pack of hypocrites.

Translation:  environmental despoilment is OK, as long as it does something for my voters….er, fellow citizens.  As for the rest of you, get a blanket and stop complaining.

A little taste of politics superseding “green” concerns for you.  Nothing to do with votes, of course…

…and an affirmation of the last six words of the editorial.

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