It cannot be said enough:  the “blacklivesmatter#” crowd does not give a damn about Black lives – unless the death of a Black person can be used for their political purposes.

Freddie Gray died on April 12th.  Assuming this is an average year, in the 18 days from then until today, about over 300 Black people will have been murdered.  Almost all of them will have been murdered by other Black people – not police officers.  And most of the victims will have been young Black males, like Freddie Gray (or Michael Brown, whose death started this latest series of street protests — and rioting/looting/burning/general thuggery), who were killed by other young Black males like Freddie Gray.

Have you seen even one protest march about that?  Neither have I.

The only value Freddie Gray, or Michael Brown, or Eric Garner, or Walter Scott has to these hypocritical frauds is that they are excuses to take to the streets.  By their actions they show that Brown, Gray, Garner, Scott, et all have no value to them except as political props and opportunities to commit street crimes. 

They are not human beings, they are excuses to march, break things, loot stores, burn buildings…and then accuse everyone else of being the cause of what they are doing.

Ironically, the expression on those beyond-obnoxious Guy Fawkes masks some of the hard-left agitators shows us their real attitude:

Image result for guy fawkes mask

Guy\’s expression tells us they know exactly what they are doing and why. 

It is time – long past time – for the rest of us to see things as clearly as he does.

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