It was two years ago.  Russian comedians Vladimir “Vovan” Kuznetzov and Alexey “Lexus” Stolyarov got through to Representative adam schiff (D-CA).  One of them, posing as Andriy Parubiy, the speaker of Ukraine’s parliament, told schiff he had really good dirt – the salacious kind – on President Trump.

And, of course, schiff immediately told them it was unusable, never to call him again, and then hung up, right?

Yeah, sure.  And rashida tlaib was just given B’nai B’rith’s Honorary Zionist of the Year award.

Want to know how schiff reacted (which, because I’m writing this blog, you probably already do)?  Great.  Watch this – and pay special attention from 5:20 on, when schiff tries to make arrangements to get the material:


Uh….this is the guy telling us Trump should be impeached and removed from office for digging up dirt on a president from foreign sources?

Do I consider adam schiff a liar, a hypocrite and a jerk?  Ask me whether I think the Gobi desert has a water shortage; you’ll get the same answer.

But that notwithstanding, do not doubt for one second that the voters in his district will enthusiastically re-elect him next year anyway.

Welcome to today’s California.


  • This article falsely suggests that Adam Schiff was digging up dirt on Donald Trump from foreign sources. But clearly, the pranksters reached out to Schiff — he did not initiate their conversation. And although Schiff was fooled into believing the pranksters were credible, he several times said that he would contact the FBI to follow up on handling whatever information the pranksters had to offer. This was the proper and lawful thing to do. The article above on this pathetic little website is just a lie.

    BTW, I only heard about your sad little blog this morning from MSNBC. Morning Joe was ridiculing Trump’s current fixer Rudy G. for his recent appearance on Fox in which he held up printouts that he claimed were “affidavits.” Joe said the so-called affidavits were nothing more than printed copies of some trash from this website. Maybe you can call Joe S. and thank him for mentioning your website.

    I will give you credit for using a variation on the word “hopeless” in your site’s name. You are indeed hopeless, and your site is just another little neighborhood of the fragmented fake news landscape. All that you and clowns like you are doing is furthering the division of our country into warring factions.

    • Would you be nice enough to tell me which blog those “printed copies of some trash from this website” were? Because I don’t recall writing any blog about Rudy Giuliani and affidavits.

      • Reading comprehension isn’t your long suit, is it?
        I will not waste any more of my time on you.

    • Would you mind citing the part of my blog that said schiff was digging up dirt on Donald Trump, not reacting to the dirt offered him by the Russian comedians?

      And when you’re through not being able to, because it isn’t there, please cite any blog I’ve written which claims to have affidavits that have anything to do with Rudy Giuliani – which will then make you 0 for 2.

      I did not watch Morning Joe so I don’t know what you’re talking about. But in the minimally likely event that Rudy Giuliani held up copies of material from my blogs and said they were affidavits, then he, not I, would be the problem.

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