Don’t expect Tom Jones to be singing that lyric any time soon.  But it is the song some feminists are singing.

See, they’ve suddenly discovered that the pussy hats which were worn to deride Donald Trump are offensive to women.

Think I’m kidding?  No, I’m not. Read this excerpt from Kristen Jordan Shamus’s article in the Detroit Free Press and see for yourself:

The Women’s March is back in 2018 with its Power to the Polls anniversary protests on the weekend of Jan. 20-21. The focus during this Women’s March reboot is to register more women to vote, and to elect women and progressive candidates to public office. 

But this time when marchers take to the streets in cities from Lansing to Las Vegas, there could be fewer pink pussyhats in the crowds.  

The reason: The sentiment that the pink pussyhat excludes and is offensive to transgender women and gender nonbinary people who don’t have typical female genitalia and to women of color because their genitals are more likely to be brown than pink.

“I personally won’t wear one because if it hurts even a few people’s feelings, then I don’t feel like it’s unifying,” said Phoebe Hopps, founder and president of Women’s March Michigan and organizer of anniversary marches Jan. 21 in Lansing and Marquette.

“I care more about mobilizing people to the polls than wearing one hat one day of the year.”

“It doesn’t sit well with a group of people that feel that the pink pussyhats are either vulgar or they are upset that they might not include trans women or nonbinary women or maybe women whose (genitals) are not pink.”

The color pink was chosen “because pink is associated with femininity,” the Pussyhat Project posted on its website. “We did not choose the color pink as a representation of some people’s anatomy. Anyone who supports women’s rights is welcome to wear a Pussyhat. It does not matter if you have a vulva or what color your vulva may be. If a participant wants to create a Pussyhat that reflects the color of her vulva, we support her choice.”

Yes, this is real.  And, even as you read this, the feminist debate over pussyhats rages on.

Call me a misogynist if you want, but I can’t help thinking there are more intelligent things to fight over.

To put this in perspective, you can assume that who gets the last brussels sprout on the vegetable plate is probably one of them.

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  • “It doesn’t sit well with a group of people that feel that the pink pussyhats are either vulgar…

    How can anyone not think they are vulgar???

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