Here, from today’s “Morning Joe” show, is Joe Scarborough’s emotional, heartfelt plea to ….

….look the other way on behalf of FBI corruption at the highest levels.

And the reason put forward by this formerly rational politician/show host?  Because there are FBI agents in the field doing vital work.

In other words, since the guys who keep the USA safe are invaluable to us, let’s ignore the evidence that their superiors first tried to influence the United States Presidential election, and then may have conspired to overturn it after the fact.

Yep, that’ll make them all proud to be part of the FBI, I’m sure.  That’ll make them work harder for the people above them.

Want to hear Scarborough say it?  Here’s your chance:  watch/listen to the video, which I pulled from Bill D’Agostino’s article at newsbusters.org.  But be sure to keep a barf bag handy; you might need it:


Yeah, right.

My favorite part (and there are a number to choose from) is this little segment:

“Get out of their way.  Let then do their job and let the chips fall where they may.  If Mueller overreaches, we will be the first to say so.  The press will be the first to say so.  Just stop with your conspiracy theories because you are making America less safe.”

You have to wonder whether it’s just that Joe Scarborough has bought into the MSNBC party line and become a left wing apologist, or that he’s on significant meds.  A lot of them.

Can Joe Scarborough, his fiancé Mika Brzezinski, or anyone else over there show us where the people going after Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, etc. have said so much as one word to downplay or in any way inhibit the FBI’s vital work for national security?  Can they show one attack on any FBI agent or supervisor for monitoring possible terrorist activities?

This is the worst kind of strawman.  It falsely pretends there is a connection between giving a free pass for the corruption of FBI higher-ups, and insuring the quality of work that valued, loyal FBI agents perform to keep our country safe.

The truth?  if there were this much evidence of corruption in a different part of government rather than internally, the FBI would be all over if it with no free passes for any of the accused.

And apart from all of the above, Scarborough’s statement treats his viewers like they are a bunch of idiots who can’t figure out that his real mission is to shield people who may have done the most to damage and demoralize the FBI.

As for the claim that “Morning Joe” and mainstream media will be “the first to say so” if Mueller overreaches?  that is coffee-spitting material of the first order.

Why would any sentient person believe this?  Because of the bang-up job “Morning Joe” and mainstream media have done over the past year??

If it is any consolation to Joe and Mika, though it’s an excellent bet the hard-leftists who watch their show are no doubt thrilled.  Anything that protects the possibility that FBI and DOJ deep-staters might have a shot at conspiring to dump Trump will certainly warm the cockles of their hearts.

For the rest of us, though……..

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  • Is this the same left-wing that warned us for decades that something like this could happen if we gave these surveillance powers to law enforcement?

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