Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is a serial liar.

We heard that as recently as this week’s statement about the schiff/Nadler hearings, when she claimed that it was “unconstested” that President Trump committed impeachable acts (not even a remote semblance of reality) and that the constitutional scholars – three of them Democrat activists – who Nadler brought in, “illuminated, without a doubt, that the President’s actions are profound violations…have seriously violated the constitution” (they disagreed with each other).

But when media have your back, when they will look the other way at any lie, no matter how overt, you can say things like this.

And now she’s done it again.

Here is the first paragraph of Ms. Pelosi’s just-issued statement regarding the stellar job report just released yesterday:

“Despite some encouraging numbers, the November jobs report offers little solace to the farmers and hard-working families who are struggling to stay above water with the costs of living rising and uncertainty surging.

Let’s see:

-266,000 new jobs created, far outdistancing the 180,000-193,000 estimates;

-Another 54,000 manufacturing jobs – the ones Barack Obama said were never coming back;

-Unemployment, at 3.5% – staying at its lowest rate in a half century.

-Record low unemployment for Blacks;

-Record low unemployment for Latinos;

-Record low unemployment for Women;

-Wages rising at a 3% yearly pace, the best we’ve seen in decades.

And this is encouraging, but of little solace to farmers and hard-working families?

Ms. Pelosi might – might – be able to make a case for some (far from all) farmers because of the trade war President Trump is waging with China – a war that has been made extremely difficult due to the inaction of the last several Presidents, both Republican and Democrat, which have put us in the hole Trump is trying to get us out of.

But “hard-working families”????  That is a joke.  And 100% untrue.

But, again, if media don’t call Pelosi out on the lies, they will just keep coming.  She’ll stand in front of us, flash that painted-on rictus of a dripping-with-insincerity smile, and recite her lies without a fear in the world that she’ll be challenged on them.

Welcome to today’s political “journalism”.  How do you like it?

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