They’re stuck in Tijuana with nowhere to go.

The weather has been unseasonably cold and there are reports many are sick – along with those who were unwell even before the weather turned.

The Mayor of Tijuana and a great many of the people there want them gone.

The United States has made it clear for over a month that members of this “caravan” will not be allowed across the border.  The “caravan” people knew it, the organizers/facilitators of the “caravan” knew it and the Mexican authorities knew it.   But they, apparently, assumed that President Trump would cave.

He didn’t.

What do they do next?  No one knows.

I hope it isn’t anything stupid.  I hope the people who, for political reasons, want that border breached don’t convince them to do something that will result in a tragedy.

One way or the other, we’ll find out very soon.  Because something has got to give.

Keep your fingers crossed that this resolves reasonably well.  But don’t don’t expect it.

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