What was the so-called “March For Our Lives” really about?

From Edward-Isaac Dovere and Elana Schor’s article at politico.com, we have this revealing excerpt:

“March for Our Lives” volunteers circulated with voter registration clipboards and flyers for anyone who signed up with instructions to text “FIGHT” to a number to get more information and get in their database. The Democratic National Committee dispatched organizers all over the country with “commit to vote” cards. The Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence passed out circular stickers reading “227 Days Until Midterm Elections.” Individual candidates worked local events.

The rally’s constant chant was, “Vote Them Out!” The biggest boo was during a brief video clip of President Donald Trump. The march was explicitly nonpartisan, but no prominent Republicans were visible, and many prominent Republicans were bashed. There were almost as many signs as people: “Change the Ref,” “This Congress Does Not Speak For Me,” “Prayers Aren’t Bulletproof,” “Grab Them By the Midterms,” and “Beware: We are coming for your seats!,” among others.

Don’t you love that toss-in about the march being “explicitly nonpartisan.  This “march” was about as nonpartisan as a DNC fund solicitation.

What really happened yesterday was a prime example of Rahm Emanuel’s exhortation that a crisis should never be wasted.

Votes, votes, votes.  Period, the end.

The fact that this non-waste of a crisis was on the corpses of 17 children and hospitalization of 16 others?  Irrelevant’n’immaterial.

How proud the organizers – the real organizers, not the “high school kids” our complicit media are pretending put this extravaganza together – must be.

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