Do you think this incident – a Black thug beating a Macy’s store employee in Flint, Michigan while he (the thug, not the victim) repeatedly used the word “nigger” – would have gotten serious national attention if the attacker were White and the victim were Black?


From the New York Post article, via foxnews.com:

Michigan authorities have charged an 18-year-old black man for the “unprovoked,” caught-on-video assault of a white Macy’s manager, officials said

Damire Palmer, of Mount Morris Township, faces one count of felony assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder for the June 26 attack on the employee inside the Flint department store. Palmer is still in the wind.

“This was an unprovoked attack on a Macy’s employee,” said Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton in a statement. “This behavior as seen on the video is unacceptable, it is criminal, and it cannot be allowed.”

Contrary to initial claims, police and prosecutors didn’t uncover any evidence that Palmer assaulted the staffer after he’d allegedly used the N-word, officials said.

“We don’t believe any racial slur was made by the store manager,” Leyton said.

Tell me: how much coverage of this ugly event have you seen in mainstream media?

I ask that question because I just googled the name of the attacker, Damire Palmer, and checked the first three full pages of links.  Nothing from any of the three networks, NBC, CBS and ABC, or from the New York Times or Washington Post or Chicago Tribune or Minneapolis Star Tribune or Los Angeles Times, or….I think you get the idea.

So I’ll end by asking the question in this blog’s title.  What if the races were reversed?  What if it were a White thug beating a Black store employee and using the term “nigger” over and over again?  Do you doubt for a second it would have received a significant amount of mainstream media coverage – all of it 100% deserved?

That’s worth thinking about, when you assess media’s “contribution” to race relations.


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