Suppose a White nationalist, a legal resident of the United States, was accused of killing almost a dozen elderly women by suffocating them. Do you think network news would report this?

Please keep your answer in mind, as you read the following excerpt from Bill D’Agostino’s article at newsbusters.org:

The Dallas Morning News reported on Wednesday that Billy Chemirmir of Kenya “was indicted Tuesday in the deaths of six Dallas County women,” and an additional five capital murder counts in Collin County, Texas. Other print media, such as the Associated Press and the New York Post, picked up the story the following day. 

Yet as with Chemirmir’s initial indictments back in 2018, broadcast networks ABC, CBS, and NBC still have not breathed a word about this story in their flagship morning or evening news shows. 

The Kenyan national, who has been living in the U.S. illegally since at least 2010, is also accused of two counts of attempted murder.  All of Chemirmir’s victims have been elderly women, at least three of whom were over 90 years old when he allegedly suffocated them to death.

 Is there any doubt this would be major news on every one of the network’s, complete with references to President Trump’s alleged, but 100% fraudulent, sympathies with White nationalists in Charlottesville Virginia?

Well, if you find comfort in consistency, the good news is that NBC, ABC and CBS remain every bit as selective in their reporting as they have been for years and years.

If, on the other hand, the consistency you prefer is honest news reportage, this should disgust you… and should remind you of why so many people now distrust mainstream media so much.

I hope you join me in being a member of the latter category.


  • One more reason to marginalize the talking heads industry. Apparently not enough intelligence for some to defend their kind or color. This is especially peculiar from the Obama years. It could not be more biased. Makes me wonder how little has changed since Abraham Lincolns presidency. Apparently 154 years is not enough time for evolution to work or most likely not long enough for diabolical citizens to wake up.

  • Watching the Charlottesville videos, it appears that the driver [James Alex Fields Jr.] while trying to escape a mob, ran into the back of a car, which hit another car, which hit the woman [Heather Heyer] who later died. How is that murder? Or a hate crime?

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