Has Michelle Malkin gone off the rails?

I used to respect Ms. Malkin as a source of  usually trenchant commentaries from the conservative side.

But now?  Now that – what I am reading from several sources is true – that she is hobnobbing with a repulsive holocaust-denying right wing lunatic?  That respect, to quote the Warden Norton in Shawshank Redemption, is disappearing like a fart in the wind.

Here are the particulars, excerpted from Tiana Lowe’s disturbing article for the Washington Examiner:

Michelle Malkin isn’t melting down. Rather, her recent embrace of the dregs of humanity — bitter little boys screaming Holocaust denials in front of a green screen in their mother’s basement — is a calculated choice in her mission to navigate what comes after President Trump’s tenure comes to an end. And it’s a very bad choice.

Instead, she quietly departed from Blaze Media a year ago. Now she has been fired by the Young Americas Foundation and is hobnobbing with alt-right white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

Malkin’s ouster from YAF comes after she celebrated Fuentes — most famous for denying the Holocaust by equating victims to cookies in an oven — as “one of the New Right leaders.” She also smeared Ben Shapiro for disavowing Fuentes and his ilk. (That Shapiro did this should not be shocking, considering that he’s an Orthodox Jew and an actually decent human being.)

The article goes on, just as disturbingly, and makes a compelling case against Malkin – not just about a holocaust denier, but a lot more besides.  You’ve got the link above and can read every word if you care to.

Sad to see this.  But things are as they are.

Bye Michelle.

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