As any regular reader of the Drudge Report must certainly know by now, it has turned into an unabashedly anti-Trump website.

What happened to cause this turnaround, which has taken place in only the last few months?

I’m not entirely sure. I have read articles that say Matt Drudge himself has become anti-Trump, that Drudge is less involved and whomever is picking up the slack is anti-Trump, and that Drudge has completely disengaged from the website and the people who are running it instead of him are anti-Trump.

I don’t know which of these, if any, is true. But I do know that the common result is that The Drudge Report, which not so long ago was conservative-leaning and relatively pro-Trump, is neither anymore.

I assume that this is going to please some people a great deal, and displease others just as much.

How does it hit you? Your call.


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