This fascinating story comes to us from Fox News, via the following excerpts from an article at timesofisrael.com.  The bold print is mine:

An alleged boycott of Israeli technology may have prevented an airport security deal offered to France after the deadly Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher attacks in January, 2015. Use of the Israeli terrorist-tracking technology could possibly have thwarted the subsequent Islamic State terror attacks in Paris and Belgium.

According to an Israeli security source who spoke to Fox News on Monday, an Israeli security company offered terrorist-tracking software to the Directorate-General for Internal Security, France’s main intelligence agency — software that could have helped flag the deadly IS terror cell that perpetrated the attacks in Paris last November and in Belgium last month. But the offer was rebuffed allegedly after an official made clear that Israeli technology could not be purchased, the source said. The agency did not officially state a reason for the rejection.

“French authorities liked it, but the official came back and said there was a higher-level instruction not to buy Israeli technology,” the Israeli counter-terror specialist told FoxNews.com. “The discussion just stopped.”

“Government agencies struggling to foil terror attacks need access to technologies that allow them to connect their data fragments, making it possible to handle daily data challenges,” the source added. “With this system, all data can then be easily navigated, processed and represented by employing a set of powerful analytic tools and unique algorithms.”

The source said the software could have given French and European authorities an advantage in flagging and tracking the Islamic State suspects and could have possibly thwarted the attacks that killed 130 in Paris and over 30 in Belgium. Both assaults have been linked to the same Islamic State terror squad.

To the French authorities which rejected an offer of advanced anti-terrorist technology from a country which a) deals with terrorism every day and b) has what might well be the most advanced terrorism technology in the world…

…CONGRATULATIONS to you.  Look what your decision has achieved! How proud you must be!

What did France lose by proactively “losing” Israel?  Now you know.

One other thing:  I wonder if any of the conversations resulting in France’s rejection of this technology were made on cell phones.

I certainly hope not.  Because that technology was developed in Israel too.


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