Did you know there were elections in Hong Kong yesterday?  More or less free elections – a remnant of Hong Kong’s former democratic status under British rule?

And do you know how those elections turned out?

Here’s your answer, excerpted from Eva Fu’s article for epochtimes.com:

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy camp has coasted to a landslide majority in the city’s district elections on Nov. 24, indicating a groundswell of support for the ongoing protest movement against the Chinese regime’s encroachment.

Democratic candidates secured more than half of the 452 district council seats for the first time as residents turned out in record numbers on Nov. 24 to cast votes.

The election has widely been seen as a referendum on the pro-democracy protests that have rocked the city for almost six months.

Big mistake for the mainland communists to allow such elections.  It gave the people of Hong Kong, who – uniquely in China – have lived in a free society and then under communist rule – to let the world know which they prefer.

Well, the people have spoken.

And, it would seem obvious, this will be an encouragement for the protesters to continue, even expand, their activities.

What will the mainland communists – who need the enormous revenue stream provided by Hong Kong and do not want another Tiananmen Square disaster driving it away – do now?

It won’t be long before we find out.  And while I certainly don’t know what will happen, it is hard to conceive of any happy outcome.

We’ll talk about this as it unfolds.

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