What are Democrats running against in the 2018 midterm elections?

Here’s a taste, excerpted from Shelly Hagan and Sho Chandra’s article at bloomberg.com:

U.S. consumer confidence jumped to a 17-year high as optimism about employment prospects grew and Americans began seeing additional money in their paychecks from recently enacted tax cuts, data from the New York-based Conference Board showed Tuesday.

 The report reflects increased confidence in employment and incomes, which could support consumer spending. The labor differential, which measures the gap between respondents saying jobs are plentiful and those who say they’re hard to get, rose to 24.7 percentage points, the highest since 2001.

 Recent tax legislation signed in December may have also buoyed sentiment, as many Americans saw bigger after-tax paychecks in February due to the law. That may have helped consumers shrug off the early-February 10 percent decline in stock prices, which have since recovered most of their losses.

That’s what Democrats are running against.

And what is the Democrat response, as of now?  “Ahhh, that’s nothing.  Just crumbs.  Now let’s get to the real issue that voters are far more interested in:  what’s Trump doing for illegal aliens”.

Tell me, which side of things would you want to be running on?

I will end with a reminder for Democrat strategists:  “It’s the economy, stupid”.  NOT “It’s the illegal aliens, stupid”.

Got that?  Have a nice day.  And say hello to Nancy Pelosi for me.


  • I would like to see someone ask Pelosi if she is worried about her career after what happened to Feinstein.

    • No problem there. Unlike Feinstein (at least some of the time) Pelosi is 100% on board with the left.

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