Here’s a fun little fact for you – assuming you’re not out for a stroll in San Francisco:  according to the city’s Department of Public Works, in the first 10 months of this year they have responded to 25,084 calls regarding human or animal waste on the streets.

A little quick math – divide 25,084 by the 304 days in those first 10 months – and you get slightly more than 82 calls about human and animal waste on the streets each day…

…which, I assume is a small fraction of how many such, er, actual sightings (as opposed to steppings) there actually are.

I hope folks in San Francisco are happy, since they elected those terrific politicians – Democrats, every one, it should be noted – which have allowed this once-great city to become the world’s largest toilet bowl.

Hey, maybe Hollywood – as part of Los Angeles, no slouch in the poop-on-the-streets department – can do a remake of that popular TV show starring Karl Malden and Michael Douglas, in which instead of solving crimes they go on poop patrol.

I even have a name for the project:  “The Stench Of San Francisco”.

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