WATCHING the White House ceremony for “The Abraham Accords”:  the signing of peace agreements/normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), then Israel and Bahrain.

LISTENING to the emissaries from each country paying tribute to President Trump and Jared Kushner for being instrumental to these agreements.

WONDERING how Democrats are going to try to mangle this into some kind of a negative.  I have no idea how that could be done but I have no doubt an attempt will be made.

KNOWING that whatever attempt there is to downplay and/or criticize these agreements will be imbecilic, and that, other than some Trump haters (not even all of that group), everyone knows it as well as I do.

Congratulations to all on this historic day.


    • I’m reading comments that the deal had nothing to do with Trump, that it would have happened anyway, and, in any event, it is not a real deal because “The Palestinians” were not part of it.

      If Trump cured cancer, this bunch would ream him for not doing the same for heart attacks

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