Is the “investigator” of the 2016 presidential election one of the people who should be on the witness stand?

Before you answer, please read these transcripts of exchanges between Bruce Ohr and Cristopher Steele,  made available last week due to the diligence of Judicial Watch (NOT the so-called journalists of mainstream media).  I pulled them from an article by Mark Bradman (AKA “Sundance”) at theconservativetreehouse.com:


In the words of Bradman:

Again, the key takeaway here is that Christopher Steele viewed Robert Mueller and the team as allies in an ideological quest…. and throughout 2017 DOJ Bruce Ohr did nothing to dissuade Steele from holding that opinion.  Ergo, Robert Mueller is part of the Deep State coup attempt.

Is he right?  Is that the way it reads?

It sure looks like it.

Now, asking as we have so many times in the past, when do mainstream media unshackle themselves from their ideological fetters and start honestly reporting about what is going on here?


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