When I was growing up, we all “knew” that the Democrat Party was for the working man (not person in those days, man) and Republicans were the rich guys.

With that “knowledge” in mind, please read this excerpt from Reid Wilson’s article at thehill.com:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign has spent more money on television and digital advertising than any other presidential candidate in American history, with more than a week left to go before Election Day.

Biden’s campaign has spent more than $582 million on television advertising since launching his campaign last year, according to data from the nonpartisan firm Advertising Analytics. In just the last week, Biden’s team spent $45 million on air.

The figure surpasses former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent heavily during the Democratic presidential primary in a bid to capture Super Tuesday votes.

And it easily surpasses President Trump, whose campaign has spent $342 million in the last two years, according to the firm.

But who are Mr. Biden’s biggest donors?  To find that out let’s look at the list compiled by opensecrets.org.

We’ll start with the $19,000,000 (so far) contributed by the Sixteen Thirty Fund.  I’m betting you never heard of this hard-left PAC, but it Joe Biden’s single most prolific source of money..

…followed by “Democracy PAC” – founded by far left george soros last year – at about $17,000,000.

Next is “Priorities USA” – founded by, among others, Democrat operatives Bill Burton and Paul Begala.

Then we have “Paloma Partners”, at about $9,000,000 – about which, influencewatch.com tells us the following:

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, persons associated with Paloma Partners formed the tenth-biggest overall donor organization in America from 1990 to 2020, with $96 million donated. As of February 3, 2020, Paloma was currently the single-largest organization associated with donors to federal political candidates in America in the 2020 election cycle, with over $14 million donated exclusively to Democratic candidates and organizations.

This, of course, is before we get to the Silicon Valley “Big Tech” crowd, which predominantly supports Biden and his hard-left cronies.

Joe Biden and his people are fond of telling us that they are for the working class, and most of their donations come from everyday folks, just like you and me.  Not those rich Republicans and their big-money organizations.

Still sure about that?  Don’t be.

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