I’m guessing that at least some readers might assume the above title is an example of intentional overstatement.

I wish they were right.  But they’re not.

Let me show you the first part of Aaron Handler’s article for jewishjournal.com, and then you can decide whether I’m accurately describing UCLA’s behavior:

At a Sept. 27 UC Boards of Regent meeting at UCLA, the Israeli-American Coalition for Action and a third-year student at UCLA spoke out against UCLA for its plan to host the National Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) conference in November.

The student, Justin Feldman, accused SJP of aiming to demonize Israel through “resolutions to boycott Israel, claiming that Israel is an apartheid state, and even comparing Israel to Nazi Germany –– all of which are officially defined as anti-Semitism by the United States State Department.”

Feldman proceeded to highlight what he called “disturbing” statements from various SJP members, including desires to “stuff some Jews in the oven” as well as inviting “speakers with proven connection to terrorist organizations such as Hamas.”

“Some are even convicted terrorists themselves, like Rasmea Odeh, who was convicted [in Israeli courts] and jailed for the murder of two Israelis and many more wounded,” Feldman said. “These are SJP’s role models. Does this sound like a human rights conference to you?”

Feldman added that the SJP conference will be closed to the public, arguing that this violates UCLA policy and that pro-Israel students should be allowed to attend in order to defend Israel and expose any instances of anti-Semitism that occurs at the conference.

“I ask you, the UC regents, to either prevent SJP from hosting this conference at UCLA… or alternatively, require SJP to open its conference to all students,” Feldman said.

Subsequently, Jonathan Harris, director of the IAC for Action, cited tweets from SJP members that read, “May Allah curse the Jews, and that’s all,” “Where do Black Jews sit? Wait for it…IN THE BACK OF THE OVEN,” and “Give me a weapon and send me to Gaza.”

Way to go, UCLA.  Host an Israel-hating, Jew-hating terrorist-supporting group, and – against school policy – close it to the public, so they can have their hate-fest without anyone seeing or challenging it.

This is what a supposedly “neutral” university does?  This is about as neutral as running a hamas fundraiser.

How safe do you think Jews feel on UCLA’s campus these days?  I doubt that they feel safe at all.  And I don’t blame them.

What is going on over there?  And when do the people running education in California step up to the plate and say/do something about it?


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