First, this excerpt from Joel B. Pollak’s March 16th article at

President Donald Trump first mentioned coronavirus on Jan. 22, after it was brought up in a press conference. Vice President Mike Pence discussed it more extensively on Jan. 27. The president imposed a China travel ban Jan. 31.

On Feb. 4, President Trump mentioned coronavirus in his State of the Union address, which was torn up by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Congress was still in the midst of the impeachment trial until Feb. 5.

Democrats did not mention the coronavirus much at all, and it did not come up in the presidential primary debate in Iowa (Jan. 14). Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg referred to it indirectly in the New Hampshire debate (Feb. 7): “The next president is going to face challenges from global health security, like what we’re seeing coming out of China.”

It did not come up in Nevada (Feb. 19). It was first discussed somewhat extensively by the candidates in the South Carolina debate (Feb. 25), which is also when a moderator finally asked candidates about it.

Now my questions:

If President Trump was as lax as Democrats are now claiming he was, if he ignored or underplayed the COVID-19 crisis long after it become obvious that it had to be addressed….

…why the EFF did every one of the presidential candidates either mention it only in passing or not at all until late February – long after Trump had taken decisive action?

And why am I asking this question instead of our supposedly neutral mainstream media?  Why haven’t they been asking it for weeks?

I think we both know the answer.


  • I keep watching these briefings and they say the next week is going to be awful, like Pearl Harbor or 9-11, I would like someone to ask, If it turns out it isn’t as bad as you’re saying it is going to be, will we be opening the economy back up, at least in areas that aren’t seeing the numbers NY and NJ are? We can still wash our hands and practice social distancing but being shutdown like this isn’t good. I read somewhere a question that was asked, Are our offices more dangerous than going to grocery store?

  • Also, what are we going to do with the millions of sets of PPE that we are acquiring? Not to mention all of things that are on order? When this is over we won’t have to worry about restocking the federal supply.

  • Same question about ventilators, we are going to be stuck with over 100k of them. The facts seem to be we have enough and really didn’t need any more. The models said we wouldn’t have enough but from i am seeing the models are way off and we have more than we need.

  • With the federal government purchasing all this equipment that the states should have purchased, it will free up more money for the states to spend on the green energy scam.

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