Ken Berwitz

robert lewis dear, the murdering lunatic who killed 3 and injured a good many others during his shooting spree at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, CO, is said to have told police “No more baby parts”.

Planned Parenthood\’s spokespeople are using this comment to show that he is a right-wing extremist, in league with the other right-wing extremists, and Republicans (they don\’t seem to distinguish between the two), who are attacking the organization.

My first question:  did robert lewis dear get that line from “right wing extremists”, from Republicans,…

…or did he get that line from watching the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood executives specifically detailing how much money they get for babies\’ individual body parts – after explaining that, during abortions when the baby is fully formed, they meticulously keep those body parts intact so they can be sold?

And, if media intend to blame someone other than dear himself for his murder spree, my second question is, should they blame right-wing extremists, Republicans….or the Planned Parenthood executives who specifically talked about exactly what he said to the police?

Based on the reports I\’ve seen, which do nothing other than parrot what Planned Parenthood is saying, most mainstream media appear to have already made up their minds about where the blame lies.  

How about you?

Oh, and in case you have any doubt about what the videos showed, you can click here to read my blog about these videos, which was written back in July – and which has links to two of them.  Then, assuming you have not seen them before, you can wonder, along with me, why these videos – which, again, provide exactly what robert lewis dear was talking about – have been suppressed all this time…and why they are being suppressed now as well.  

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