How complete is mainstream media’s anti-Trump obsession?

Well, several polls conducted in the past couple of weeks show that, despite everything they’ve tossed at him, President Trump’s approval ratings have gone up, not down.  So, of course, there is virtually no coverage of those polls.

But the Associated Press has outdone that.  It actually is reporting a significant rise in President Trump’s polling data as a negative.

I swear I’m not pulling your leg.  The AP actually did just that.  Here, see for yourself – from Julie Pace and Emily Swanson’s just-released article:

The good news for President Donald Trump? His approval rating is up 7 points since last month, according to a new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

The bad news? That only lifts Trump’s approval to 42 percent, low for a president at this point in his tenure.

See, they have to report the data, because it’s their own poll.  But, in the next sentence, they make up for this unhappy news by assuring readers that he’s still in the dumpster.  Nothing good to see here, sheeple, move along, move along….

And these are the same folks who, we are supposed to believe, provide neutral news coverage.

Yeah, right.

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