As you are probably aware, Tucker Carlson – on the most-watched cable news show in history, it should be noted – interviewed Biden insider Tony Bobulinski about allegations that Joe Biden was neck-deep with other members of his family (not just Hunter Biden) in both foreign influence peddling and financially benefiting from it

As you also are probably aware, Mr. Biden and his campaign people have angrily refused to answer any questions about this – a dodge made easy by the fact that, with almost no exceptions, mainstream media have moved heaven and earth to suppress this obviously major story.

Well, Mr. Biden’s Press Secretary, Jamal Brown, was asked again – this time by J.D. Durkin of Cheddar news.

I thought you might be interested in Mr. Brown’s response:


There you have it:  “we have no story, and we’re sticking to it”.

Hey, why not.  If you can deflect such questions this easily, confident in the knowledge that no one else is going to call you out on it, no need to do anything else.

Let me end with a note to Donald Trump and other Republicans:  do not try this in your campaigns.  It won’t work out as well.

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