The report issued by Inspector General Michael Horowitz has a lot of implications – some of which we have already gone through here.

But one of them, which we’ve only touched on, is the complete, humiliating (assuming they have any humility) take-down of “news” personalities who have spent years telling us in so many words that the Steele dossier – the discredited, completely unverified (even Steele admits this) dossier – had little or nothing to do with issuance of the FISA warrants which generated the Mueller witch hunt…

…which brings us to Tucker Carlson – who has written  an angry, triumphant commentary about this for foxnews.com:

Here are a few key excerpts:

Thanks to the Department of Justice IG report — the one released on Monday — we now know for certain what was, for those paying attention, fairly obvious for a long time — in fact, from the beginning. We now know the Steele dossier played a central role in the genesis of the beginning of the Russia hoax.

The report was a disaster for the credibility of our bureaucratic class in Washington. But it’s also a big, big problem for the American news media. They were exposed as liars and know-nothings as well.

Here’s one: In early 2018, Washington Post intelligence and national security correspondent, Shane Harris, lectured columnist Kimberley Strassel of The Wall Street Journal — someone who’s frequently on this show — about how little she knew about the story.  “Yes,” he wrote condescendingly. “I am telling you the dossier was not used as the basis for a FISA warrant on Carter Page.”

Or take NBC news’ so-called intelligence correspondent, Ken Dilanian, a consistent shill for the intel agencies. In the summer of 2018, Dilanian smugly tweeted this: “Trump is wrong about Carter Page, and the dossier, and the FISA warrant.”

There’s more – Jim Sciutto of CNN, for example – but you get the idea.

I wonder if these people realize just how little credibility they now have…or that their lack of credibility is entirely self-inflicted; they are casualties of their own journalistic malfeasance.

Given the egos that drive so many of this bunch, it wouldn’t surprise me if they remain completely oblivious to this…and will therefore continue “reporting” the same way and staying just as laughable, just as clownish, as they’ve already made themselves.

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  • Mueller witch hunt –

    Witch Hunt, witch Hunt..

    Maybe dress up as a FISA warrant for next Halloween’S Witch Hunt.

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