When will mainstream media be mentioning that in just the last week,

Quinnipiac’s poll has gone from Hillary +13% to Hillary +7%,

….Reuters has gone from Hillary +12% to a virtual tie (within less than 1%), and

the LA Times/USC poll has gone from Hillary +1% to Trump +3%?

Just asking……


  • Trump is 17% behind, at least among residents of cemeteries.

    . . . . . . . . . . . Reported by the PAC “Zombies for Hillary”

    • Effing A Bubba
      Interesting thing is people with any Common Sense would vote for him and they seem to label us as brain-dead rednecks. I can’t even stand the fucking Confederate flag but I respect it so fuck Hillary

  • “When will mainstream media be mentioning…”

    Right after they mention that they lie and deceive the public on an hourly basis.

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