Damn that Donald Trump.

He went to Brussels, spoke to our NATO allies, and…

…said exactly what he said while campaigning for President.  That too many of them don’t pay their fair share.

For this, The Washington Post is calling him a “national embarrassment”, the New York Times is calling him a “failure”, and a great many other mainstream media venues are joining in the fun.

I especially like the Washington Post account, which says that Trump shoved his way past the Prime Minister of Montenegro, and showed the video to “prove” it – except the video was cut off before we saw that the Prime Minister of Montenegro’s reaction was to put his arm around Trump’s waist.

Does the Post know whether Trump’s “shove” was just a friendly physical gesture as he passed by, possibly because he and the Prime Minister of Montenegro had talked earlier? Does the Prime Minister’s arm-around-the waist reaction suggest he had any problem with Trump?  Hey, no reason to discuss the possibility if you truncate the video and hide what happened, is there?

Then we have this little tidbit within the Times’ editorial:

Mr. Trump has a point when he says the allies should increase their military budgets, which they have started to do, partly in response to Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine.

So Trump has a point?  Then why is his stating that point a failure?  And regarding the “they have started” routine, currently a grand total of 5 NATO members – out of 28 – are paying the share they committed to.  That’s some great start.  I wonder how the Times editorial board would feel if they got paid their full salaries 5 weeks out of every 28.

The fact is, Donald Trump has had an extremely successful foreign trip, during which he said what should have been said to the assembled heads of Muslim countries, and ditto for the assembled heads of NATO.

Too bad that the Post, the Times, and their likeminded media cohorts cannot stand the thought of acknowledging his success.

Trump hate, Trump hate, uber alles.


  • “…The Washington Post is calling him a “national embarrassment”, the New York Times is calling him a “failure”…”

    Well the Post should know a national embarrassment when they see one, they certainly are one.
    And the NYT’s also should know a failure when they see one, after all they are one.

    “…partly in response to Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine.”

    Liar liar pants on fire.
    It is in response to what Trump has been saying not what the Russians did.
    This media is something else.
    After the way they treated Obama, to do this to Trump is beyond the pale.

  • Is the following a news report or the first page of a novel???

    On a sun-kissed terrace overlooking the sea, the image of Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau staring into each other’s eyes had social media swooning over the budding bromance between the two young leaders at the Group of Seven in Sicily.

    But just 24 hours earlier in Brussels, Macron had crushed Donald Trump’s hand until his knuckles turned white and walked past the U.S. president to embrace German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the blue NATO welcome carpet.

    Macron and Trudeau at the G7 summit.
    Photographer: Stephane De Sakutin/AFP via Getty Images

    At his debut on the world stage, the new French president revealed a steeliness that belies his 39 years and relative inexperience. There was the power play with Trump when during the war of handshakes he spoke at some length in French with no translator. He then spoke English with Theresa May, offering cooperation in light of the U.K. terror attack, while not ceding an inch on the prime minister’s request for parallel Brexit talks.

    To be sure, Macron remains firmly in his honeymoon period and has a raft of challenges ahead — he leads a country divided and drew much of his support from voters looking to stop Marine Le Pen. He’s inheriting an unemployment rate roughly double that of the U.K. and Germany, an economy that has lagged the euro-area average for three years and will need to cobble together some kind of majority after parliamentary elections next month.

    Nonetheless, for Macron, three days of hanging out with many of the world’s most influential players from the new NATO headquarters to the ancient hill-top town of Taormina helped set the style and tone for his five-year presidency.

    At a round table in a former monastery, six leaders argued with Trump on trade and climate change, with Macron particularly adamant that there could be no diluting of the Paris Agreement to accommodate the Americans. They left it that Trump would take, as the host Paolo Gentiloni put it, some time for “internal reflection” before making a decision.

    Macron appeared to form a special bond with Trudeau, with television cameras lingering on the two Generation Xers strolling down the hill conversing in French while Trump, at 70 the oldest G-7 leader, stayed behind to wait for a golf cart to give him a lift through the narrow cobbled streets.


    Do you know which????

    I guess some inexperienced new presidents are different than others.

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