Anyone who thinks the fireworks began after President Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore did not watch, and listen to, President Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore.

As the Antifa anarchists and Black Lives Matter radicals/extortionists (not to be confused with people who really care about Black lives mattering), have rioted, defaced/damaged/destroyed parts of our cities, damated/defaced/taken down statues that they – no vote, not public agreement, just they – decide shouldn’t be there, while demanding that we defund/abolish the police…

…I have blogged continuously about the fact that not one major Democrat has spoken out against them.  Not one.  Yes, you can find a comment here and there, from the mealy-mouth ones who are trying to have it both ways.  But not one serious condemnation of what is going on.

One of the major targets of these haters is now Mount Rushmore…which, I have no doubt, is why President Trump decided to make his 4th of July speech there.

So what did he say, and how did most mainstream media – acting, as usual, as lapdogs to the Democrat/left crowd – portray it?

In answer, I’m going to do something I usually avoid:  putting up someone else’s entire commentary rather than pulling excerpts from it.

In this case it is the New York Sun’s editorial on Mr. Trump’s speech and our “neutral” media’s reaction to his words.

With apologies to the folks at The Sun – you can copy anything of mine any time you want, guys – here it is:


Other than the fact that only two media attacks on Trump’s speech were cited (there were many more), and the reference to national polling four months before election day (which means nothing), it is hard to find anything to argue about here.

Yes, President Trump has staked out his turf.  Yes, it is solidly, unambiguously in favor of our country’s values and history, rather than an assault on both,  And yes, by doing so he has put himself apart from every major Democrat, because not one of them has either the political courage or – more grimly – the beliefs – to stake out that turf with him…

…and, yes – very importantly – I have a strong feeling the point made about a “powerful backlash” is 100% valid as well.

Excellent editorial, excellent points.  Well done.

Oh, one other thing.  In case you were wondering, “geschrei” is the Yiddish word for “shriek”.


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