Is this letter, from President Trump to Senator Chuck Schumer, really worthy of the President of the United States?

Please read it, and then let me know (click here for a larger version):

Please remember:  I’m not asking you whether Schumer deserves it.  He does.  And he’s far from the only one who deserves such a letter.   I’m asking only whether, given the way it was written, it should have come from the President of the United States on White House stationery.

Personally, I’m torn.  As noted above, Schumer, whose contribution to handling the Covid-19 crisis so far has consisted of telling us everything Trump does is wrong….which he has said about everything else Trump has done since he took office and therefore has about as much impact as calling Trump Mr. Poopy Pants…deserves being crapped on.

So my issue is balancing Trump’s reaction to Schumer – entirely justified in my opinion – with the decorum that I think should obtain when a President writes something on White House letterhead.

What do you think?



  • When I read this at Pl last night I couldn’t help but think, the people bothered by Trump fighting back against the lies and smears probably liked how George W. Bush handled things. I for one didn’t, I had implored Bush to fight back. By his second term I was done defending him. If he wouldn’t defend himself, why should I continue. I am glad to see a president that just doesn’t take it.

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