It’s been a pretty eventful December for President Trump.

This month’s job data were excellent, with unemployment remaining near all time lows and wages rising faster than they have in 20 years.

After languishing for over a year in the Democrat-controlled house, the USMCA trade deal Trump negotiated, which replaces the awful NAFTA deal cooked up during President Clinton’s presidency, is finally on its way to passage (more on this further on).

Trump, via an executive order, implemented sorely needed legislation to protect Jewish students on campuses around the country from the anti-semitic siege they are experiencing – a siege mainstream media have virtually ignored.

And, just this morning, we find out that there – for real this time – is a significant trade agreement with China, that will boost our economy in numerous ways and at least partially ameliorate the God-awful trade imbalance we have ceded to China for decades.

And how is December going for Democrats?

Well, the House Judiciary Committee has voted two articles of impeachment against President Trump – neither of which is in any way based on objective facts or evidence and both of which are DOA in the senate – where, Republicans, before declaring Trump innocent, will finally be able to present their side of the story.

Oh, and Democrats finally, a year later than it should have happened, agreed to put the USMCA agreement to a vote.

Why now?  Because Nancy Pelosi, realizing that Republicans will run next year on the fact that, in all the time they’ve controlled the House of Representatives, Democrats have accomplished damn near nothing other than trying to unseat an elected President…so she had to do something.  (That said, don’t doubt for a minute that Pelosi and other Democrats will try to take credit for USMCA – in the hope that voters will be ignorant and stupid enough to believe them.)

All in all, quite a December.

And it ain’t over yet.

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