Did you hear the news? Donald Trump and his people are floating the possibility that the administration will sue CNN, with the basis for this suit being that there is proof CNN is biased.

The evidence? A series of undercover tapes, both video and audio, of various people at CNN overtly detailing how their left wing anti-Trump bias supersedes actual news coverage.

One of the most prolific sources of audio evidence? Jeff Zucker, who runs the show there.

And the source of the audio and video information? Project Veritas, which has compiled a massive cornucopia of this material over recent months.

Cam Trump win such a lawsuit? I would put the odds somewhere between 99.9% and 100% impossible.

But The logic of such a lawsuit is that, regardless of the outcome – or even whether there is a trial – it will force media to cover the allegations,and run at least some of the audio and video.

Plus (and, as pluses go,this is a huge one) it will make some of the more dedicated anti-Trump venues think twice before airing their usual hate-Trump -uber-alles fare.

If that happens, it won’t matter what happens with the lawsuit. Its mission will have been accomplished….and then some.

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