He’s said it repeatedly, and he said it again yesterday:

I doubt many of the “caravan” members will be reading this.  I doubt many of the “caravan” members can read English.

But you can bet its organizers – the leftists who put this together, are funding it, and have timed it to coincide with the mid-term elections – are reading every word.

Now, let’s talk about consequences.

It has become clear that the “caravan”, instead of hurting Republican prospects for the elections is hurting Democrats (as shown by how many of them suddenly stopped talking about it in the last few days).

It seems to me that the only way to retrieve this as a winner for those Democrats is for the “caravan” to show up at the border before November 6th, and for there to be a major incident – the more major the better.

For that reason, I am suspecting that the ground transportation organizers are already providing (and is not being stopped by our “friends” in Mexico, let’s remember) will be used to get them there in time.

Put another way, as sickening as this is to me (and, I hope, to you as well) it is in Democrats’ interest for there to be a confrontation at the border.  A big one.  The more violent the better.  The more people hurt or killed, the more families separated (as they were in previous administrations – something media keeps forgetting to report) the better.

How’d you like to have that on your political wish-list?  Well, it is what would benefit the Democrat would-be beneficiaries most.

I don’t know if this will happen.  But I will not at all be surprised if/when it does.

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