When Palestinian Authority (PA) dictator* mahmoud abbas met with President Trump, he said that he and his people were committed to peace with Israel.  That, of course, was a lie.

And, we are being told, only now has President Trump become aware that it was a lie.

Does anyone really think this is the way of things?

Read the following excerpt from David Rosenberg’s article at arutz sheva (Israel National News), then judge for yourself:

President Donald Trump lambasted Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, after the president claims the PA leader deceived him regarding his party’s involvement in anti-Israel incitement.

Trump met with Abbas in the PA-controlled city of Bethlehem last week during his two-day visit to Israel. The two held a joint press conference, at which time the president praised Abbas’ commitment to restarting negotiations with Israel for a final status agreement.

But according to a report by Channel 2 Sunday evening, the closed-door meeting between the president and the PA chairman was anything but cordial.

A US official present during the meeting claims the president expressed outrage with Abbas, yelling at him regarding Abbas’ claims that his Fatah faction was not involved in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement.

“You tricked me in Washington,” the president is said to have yelled at Abbas, referencing the PA leader’s March trip to the US capital.

During his March get-together with the president, Abbas claimed he was dedicated to advancing peaceful relations with Israel, and that the PA was not engaged in incitement against the Jewish state.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu publicly called out Abbas’ claim, noting the PA’s continued material support for jailed terrorists and promotion of hateful propaganda encouraging young Arabs to take up arms against Israel.

“I heard President Abbas yesterday say that the Palestinians teach their children peace,” said Netanyahu. “Unfortunately, that’s not true. They name their schools after mass murderers of Israelis and they pay terrorists,” he said at the opening of a meeting with the Romanian prime minister in Jerusalem.

“You talked to me about peace, but the Israelis showed me that you are personally supporting incitement,” Trump reportedly told Abbas last week.

“Peace can never take root in a place where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded,” said President Trump.

That looks, for all the world, as if President Trump bought into abbas’ BS, and then was made to realize none of it was true, right?

Well, I don’t believe that for one second.  And neither should you.

I have zero doubt that Trump – a long-time supporter of Israel and personal friend of Benjamin Netanyahu’s – always knew full-well what abbas and the PA are.

I have zero doubt that, when they met, Trump “niced” abbas and let him say whatever he wanted.

I have zero doubt that then, once he had abbas’s BS on record, Trump lowered the boom on him, by claiming to have been shown proof of abbas’s lying – despite the fact that he, of course, knew it all along.  It was nothing but a dog and pony show to expose abbas for the  liar he is and always has been.

Anyone who knows a thing about Donald Trump, how and where he grew up, and his history with Israel – I exclude the benighted fools who have been suckered into thinking this man has an anti-Semitic bone in his body – knows this as well as I do.

You can call Mr. Trump a lot of things, some good and some bad.  But mindless anti-Israel idiot is, I assure you, not one of them.


*That’s right, dictator.  Not President, but dictator.  In 2005, abbas was elected to a four year term.  There have never been elections since.  You are not a President when you have spent the last 8 years holding a position without being elected to it.


  • The ‘Art of the Deal’.
    Trump is showing what a superb negotiator he is.

    Recognize that the PA’s $3 billion annual budget is mostly paid by the West. Trump might well use that leverage to get Abbas onto the real path to peace.

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