Ken Berwitz

My wife and I are on our way out the door.  But I am blogging quickly to note that Chuck Todd, host of Meet The Press, is interviewing Donald Trump (by phone) – and Trump is making mincemeat of him.

Todd\’s demeanor suggested he thinks of Trump is an idiot, that he (Todd) is much smarter, and he can take Trump out on, among other things, Trump\’s claim that he saw people celebrate 9/11 on television.

To say the least, it isn\’t working out.

Todd – between trying to talk over Trump and his “how exasperating this jerk is” look as Trump spoke – made a complete fool of himself….and probably helped Trump get more votes in the process.

What a combination.  A thin-skinned, classless barroom loudmouth with a monumentally large ego (which, at least to some extent, is based on accomplishment), and a pretend “journalist” with an ego far beyond his professional capabilities.

One other thing:  as I have said several time in the past few days, I saw the same thing Trump did on TV, from the same place (Paterson, NJ).  About this, he is 100% correct.

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