Tomorrow’s anti-trump newspaper editorials

Assuming the reports are accurate…

…tomorrow, at the behest of The Boston Globe’s Marjorie Pritchard, roughly 100 – 200 newspapers around the country will publish editorials attacking President Trump for his comments about “fake news” and fake news being “the enemy of the people” and, more generally, how media are heavily stacked against him.

This is supposed to convince us that media are aggrieved parties being endangered by President Trump’s use of inflammatory rhetoric.

There is no accompanying request to avoid calling President Trump and his administration nazis, White supremacists and traitors.

This evidently does not put them in jeopardy, even though there have been repeated aggressive confrontations with members of the administration, and two  Republican members of Congress were viciously attacked, with one nearly losing his life.

Amazing, isn’t it, how one-sided the supposedly neutral media can be when it comes to President Trump.

Y’know, maybe he has a point after all.

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  • I have been aware of the sickening state of media in this country for at least 15 years now. Now they are going to go a step further and openly conspire to lie to us en mass. Do they believe by conspiring like this it is going to change the minds of people like me that know what the media has done and are doing?

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