Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-NY) is s first-term member of the house of representatives.

But, as a Democrat who supports border security – and claims most of his Democrat counterparts do as well – he is a remnant of the Democrat past, living in a political dream world that no longer exists.

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Rep. Tom Suozzi (D., N.Y.) lambasted the issue of “open borders” on Friday, claiming it was not a policy on which Democrats should stake their hopes for victory in the coming midterm elections.

Suozzi, one of only 18 Democrats to break with his party and vote in favor of a House resolution expressing support for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) earlier this week, made the admission during an appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

While discussing immigration with one of the show’s co-hosts, Pete Hegseth, the congressman was asked if he agreed with comments made by President Donald Trump alleging Democrats had a political “death wish” with their calls to abolish ICE, the federal agency responsible for enforcing immigration laws.

“Things like abolish[ing] ICE, open borders, things like sanctuary cities – are those winning policies for Democrats?” Hegseth questioned.

Suozzi, who’s serving his first term in the House of Representatives from a swing district in the New York City suburbs, stated that open borders “is not a winning” issue. The congressman further elaborated that he, “as most Democrats,” was a “strong” proponent of border security.

“Open borders is not a winning policy,” Suozzi said. “I’m a strong supporter, as are most Democrats, of strong border security.”

Is Rep. Suozzi right about open borders being “not a winning policy”.  You bet he is.

While it is true that there are places where no-ICE policy is as good as gold among voters, those places almost always are deep-blue areas which Democrats will win anyway.  In other words, there is no political gain.

But how many swing districts, which might go either way in November,  can say the same?  Not many, Mr. Suozzi (and I) think.  And, significantly, those are the districts which will or will not give Democrats a majority in November.

Interestingly, it’s not like Democrats disagree with Suozzi either.  That is why about 2/3 of them (133 in total) voted “present” on this week’s non-binding legislation supporting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

This enables them to tell hardliners “I didn’t vote to support it”, ICE supporters “I didn’t vote against it”…and if enough voters can be convinced this is something more than a cynical, unprincipled duck-and-weave, it might even work.

Bottom line:  Tom Suozzi is certainly correct in understanding that opposition to ICE hurts rather than helps Democrats.  And, to his credit, he is honest enough to put his vote where his mouth is, by supporting enforcement of our borders.

But if Mr. Suozzi thinks he can convince the public that most of his fellow Democrats feel the same way, he is living way far in that dream world we talked about earlier.

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