Question:  How do you qualify for a Democrat Party debate when the requirement is that dramatically more people donate to your campaign than there are people who give a damn about it?

Answer:  You buy your donations, by asking for $1 from “donors”, for which they get goods worth far in excess of their “donation”.

I kid you not.

Excerpted from David De La Fuente’s article at (which laments the lack of “diversity” among candidates at the next Democrat debate):

And while we’re on the subject of Tom Steyer, he has spent $47 million of his own money in what amounts to a scam. Since he needs donors only to meet the DNC’s bizarre debate criteria, he has essentially purchased his donor base, through tactics such as selling $1 swag with free shipping—usually items worth far more than $1—that has nothing to do with him or his presidential campaign. 

Why should he be allowed to “sell” a button about climate change or opposing Donald Trump for $1 and use that as some kind of indicia of popular support? He has also blanketed early states with enough TV ads and fancy mail to get his name identification up to the point that just enough people might utter it to a pollster because they recognize it.

Gee, is Mr. De La Fuentes saying that Tom Steyer is trying to buy the Democrat presidential nomination?

Yep, you bet he is.

Does Mr. De La Fuentes make a valid point about Tom Steyer?

Yep, you bet he does.

Will media attack him for shamelessly trying to buy the nomination?

Somewhat, but not a lot.  No more than they are attacking Bloomberg for doing the same thing.  Wrong party, you see.

Will it work?

In this astonishingly weak field, improbable though the likelihood is I won’t say no:  I remember being extremely skeptical four years ago about a billionaire named Trump.

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