TOM STEYER: $12,000,000 LATER, AND…

…he still couldn’t get even a minuscule 2% in four presidential polls.  So Steyer is shut out of the next round of Democrat debates.

But that doesn’t mean Steyer is dropping out of the race.  After all, he is a billionaire, so he can keep spending without a care in the world.

On the other hand, since Steyer’s signature, predominating issue is that President Trump should be impeached, the fact that he has attracted virtually no support just might give a heads-up to the Democrats who are demanding impeachment proceedings go forward…

…speaking of which, have you noticed that, in the last couple of weeks, Jerrold Nadler – AKA “Mr. Impeachment” and Maxine Waters – AKA “Ms. Impeachment” and Adam “I have ample evidence of collusion which is an impeachable offense, I just never get around to showing it to you” Schiff, have become very, very quiet?

Sort of makes you wonder who read them the riot act.

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