A summary of today’s New York Times:

Lead stories

-“President Faces Growing Crisis On Russia Ties” (no, there remains absolutely no evidence of anything illegal that transpired between Russia and Mr. Trump);

-“U.S. Withholding Its Endorsement on Climate Pact”.  First paragraph:  President Turmp declined to endorse the Paris climate accords on Saturday, ending his first foreign trip much as he began it:  at odds with several of the nation’s allies and under a cloud of questions back home about his ties to Russia.


-“Trumpcare’s Cruelty, Reaffirmed”, attacking “the senseless cruelty underlying the health care agenda put forward by President Trump…” (still waiting for  articles or op-eds detailing the Trump administration’s response to this and its explanation of why the supposed cuts in health benefits are not as the Times claims);

-“Defenders of the Faith in Government” – attacking President Trump’s as being “ensconced in his scandal-plagued White House” (What scandals would those be?   The ones you keep promoting every day without benefit of actual evidence?).

Op-Ed Commentaries

-Ross Douthat’s  “How Not To Fight Trump”, which spends much of its verbiage attacking Trump personally;

-Maureen Dowd’s “Trump’s Hand-to-Hand Combat”, which relentlessly attacks Trump in several ways, including a not especially funny pun informing us associating Trump with horse manure (uh, “force majeure”).  Very clever…;

-Will Wilkinson’s “The Welfare State Is Not the Enemy”, which attacks Trump for trying to reduce spending, characterizing it as helping his rich friends, little else.

Articles, Editorials and Commentaries presenting the Trump administration’s side of the story

-(chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp)

In other words, today we have what has become a typical edition of the New York Times.

See the problem here?

Remember when the New York Times used to be a newspaper?


  • Ken, did you check the obituary column???
    I wouldn’t be surprised if we find a few obits blaming Trump.

    I was coming over here to post about the Dowd column.

  • Another love letter….

    WASHINGTON — “Please stop smiling,” I politely asked Barack Obama as I passed him in Boston’s airport.
    It wasn’t just any smile. It was that infectious, magical grin that helped him deflate the Clinton machine and win the White House as a novice senator, a smile full of charm and promise that we didn’t see all that often after 2008.
    But there is something disorienting about seeing Obama look so genuinely blissful, cavorting around the world with celebrities and billionaires, while so many others freak out about his successor.
    As TMZ put it Friday, when it published pictures of Obama grinning and golfing at St. Andrews in Scotland: “Barack Obama’s not just on vacation — he’s on the most EPIC vacay, and it’s starting to feel like he’s rubbing it in your face.”
    If everything is as dire as Democrats say, if the very Republic is in peril and the leader of the free world is unstable, if President Trump is trying to trample on Obama’s legacy and gut Medicaid and rip up the social safety net, why is Obama acting so jolly and carefree?

    Because Obama knows it is all lies and Trump is doing fine.

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