Matthew Continetti’s commentary is a lot longer than three paragraphs.

But if ever three paragraphs nailed the problem with today’s Democrat Party, these are the ones.

Here, let me show you (the bold print is mine):

Democrats feel betrayed. The Electoral College betrayed them by making Trump president. Hillary Clinton betrayed them by running an uninspiring campaign. James Comey betrayed them by reopening the investigation into Clinton’s server 11 days before the election. Facebook betrayed them by circulating fake news. This sense of resentment isn’t so different than the sort Democrats attribute to Trump supporters: irritation at a loss of status, vexation at changed circumstances. The despondence of a liberal is alleviated when he sees throngs of protesters, hears Samantha Bee, scrolls through Louise Mensch’s tweets.

Makes him feel better. But his party is in tatters, reduced to 16 governors, 30 state legislative chambers, a historically low number of state legislative seats, 193 members of the House, 46 senators. The Democrats are leaderless, rudderless, held together only by opposition to Trump. The most popular figure on the left refuses to call himself a Democrat while sitting alongside the newly elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee. That chairman, dirty-talking Tom Perez, represents a professional, technocratic class that supports Wall Street and globalization as long as there is room for multiculturalism and social liberalism. That is a different strategy from both the 50-state approach of Howard Dean, Rahm Emanuel, and Schumer that brought Democrats control of Congress in 2006, and the anti-Wall Street, protectionist, single-payer Left of Bernie Sanders. Perez fights with Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi over whether there is room for pro-lifers in the party — Perez thinks not. Pelosi enjoys the distinction of being an American political figure less popular than Donald Trump.

What is the Democratic agenda? What does the party have to offer besides disunity, obstruction, incoherence, obsession, and obliviousness? They haven’t rallied behind a plan to fix Obamacare or an alternative to the president’s tax proposal. They seem dead set against enforcement of immigration laws, they seem opposed to any restrictions on abortion, they seem as eager as ever to regulate firearms and carbon dioxide. It’s hard to detect a consensus beyond that. Banks, trade, health care, taxes, free speech, foreign intervention — these issues are undecided, up for grabs.

Not a pretty picture.  And not a hopeful one for the near future either.

With the above in mind, allow me to advise today’s Schumer/Pelosi/Perez-led Democrat Party by channeling Animal House’s Dean Wormer:

“Disunified, obstructive, incoherent, obsessive and oblivious is no way to go through political life”.

As someone who very much wants a strong two-party system, I hope that helps.

But with the current Democat leadership, I have virtually no expectation it will.

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  • US admiral warns military is RUNNING OUT OF BOMBS

    Why is it every time a Democrat President is replaced by a Republican President we have shortfalls in the military?
    Obama spent more taxpayer money than all the Presidents that came before him, what do we have to show for it???

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